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The proceedings will be published by the Conference Publishing Services (CPS) of IEEE Computer Society. For instructions follow the URL link to the "Author's Final Paper Formatting and Submission Instructions" Webpage (Online Author Kit) for 24th Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Based Processing (PDP 2016)

You may download the Programme Flyer here.

Wed. 17 Feb. Thu. 18 Feb. Fri. 19 Feb.
07:45-08:45 Registration
also on Tue. 16 Feb.
08:45-09:00 Conference Opening
09:00-10:00 1. S&A
2. M&T
20r, 121r
3. 4PAD
196r, 173r
13. BigDat
45r, 193r
14. M&T
42r, 144r
15. GPU
81r, 147r
25. AA&A
204r, 1r
26. M&T
33r, 188s
27. MC3
190r, 77r
10:00-11:00 Invited Talk
Prof. Nektarios Koziris
Invited Talk
Prof. Michael Resch
Invited Talk
Prof. Marios Dikaiakos
11:00-11:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
11:30-13:00 4 . S&A
109s, 207s
5 . D&NC
35r, 44r,
62s, 139s
6. GPU
16. S&A
102r, 105r,
17. AA&A
57r, 206r,
56s, 27s
153r, 155r,
28. S&A
138s, 4s
29. D&NC
171r, 201r,
117r, 2r,
72s, 69s
13:00-14:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:30-16:30 7. S&A
9r, 123r,
145r, 159s,
8. BigDat
7r, 161r,
23r, 37r
9. EnergM
167r, 126r,
119r, 59s,
19. BigDat
163r, 32r,
64s, 82s,
20. M&T
208r, 95s,
146s, 91s,
116s, 6s,
108r, 209r,
73r, 135s,
31. AA&A
46r, 39r,
124s, 30s,
67s, 97s
32. MC3
86r, 100r,
87s, 202s,
154s, 162s
33. WIP
16:30-17:00 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
17:00-18:30 10. SPDNS
13r, 210r,
5s, 96s
114r, 197r,
12. GPU
79r, 198r,
22. BioInf
54r, 53r,
90r, 83r,
24. 4PAD
61r, 141r,
41r, 63r,
214r, 74r,
125r, 120r,

PDP 2016-Topics Sessions
BigDat Big Data 8,13,19
AA&A Advanced Algorithms and Applications 17,25,31
M&T Models and Tools 2,14,20,26
D&NC Distributed and Network-based Computing 5,29
S&A Systems and Architectures 1,4,7,16,28
Special Sessions
BioInf Advances in High-Performance Bioinformatics, Systems and Synthetic Biology 22
CCISA Cloud Computing on Infrastructure as a Service and its Applications 36
EnergyM Energy Efficient Management of Parallel Systems, Platforms, and Computations 9,23
4PAD Formal Approaches to Parallel and Distributed Systems 3,24
GPU GPU computing and Many Integrated Core Computing 6,12,15
HPCMS High Performance Computing in Modelling and Simulation 11,18
MC3 Multi-Core and Many-Core systems for EMbedded Computing 27, 32
OCPNS On-Chip Parallel and Network-Based Systems 21,35
SPDNS Security in Parallel, Distributed and Network-Based Computing 10,30,34
WIP Work in Progress 33

Conference Rooms
Sessions in 1st column of each day and invited talks in MINOS I (S-1) mod 3 = = 0
Sessions in 2nd column of each day in PASIPHAE I (S-1) mod 3 == 1
Sessions in 3rd column of each day in PASIPHAE II (S-1) mod 3 == 2

Track: PDP 2016
Regular Papers
  • 1 A Distributed Algorithm for Reconfiguration of Lattice-based Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robots Benoît Piranda and Julien Bourgeois
  • 7 Row key designs of NoSQL database tables and their impact on write performance Eftim Zdravevski
  • 9 The Efficient In-band Management for Interconnect Network in Tianhe-2 System Jijun Cao
  • 20 DKPN: A Composite Dataflow/Kahn Process Networks Execution Model Paul-Antoine Arras, Didier Fuin, Emmanuel Jeannot and Samuel Thibault
  • 23 Estimation Models for NoSQL Database Consistency Characteristics Aleksey Burdakov, Uriy Grigorev, Andrey Ploutenko and Eugene Ttsviashchenko
  • 32 Black-box Optimization of Hadoop Parameters Using Derivative-free Optimization Methods Diego Desani, Veronica Gil Costa, Cesar A.C. Marcondes and Hermes Senger
  • 33 Transient Temperature Prediction for Aging Thermal Sensors Using Artificial Neural Network Kameswar Rao Vaddina, Juan M. Cebrian and Lasse Natvig
  • 35 QuLa: service selection and forwarding table population in SCN using real-life topologies Piet Smet, Bart Dhoedt and Pieter Simoens
  • 37 Approximate Query Processing Using Wavelets in OLAP with Arbitrarily Sized Data and Bounded Errors Andrey Ukharov, Aleksey Burdakov, Uriy Grigorev and Andrey Plutenko
  • 39 HPSVM: Heterogeneous Parallel SVM with Factorization Based IPM Algorithm on CPU-GPU Cluster Tao Li, Xuechen Liu, Qiankun Dong, Wenjing Ma and Kai Wang
  • 42 Bio-inspired call-stack reconstruction for performance analysis Harald Servat, Germán Llort, Juan González, Judit Giménez and Jesús Labarta
  • 44 RGBCC: A New Congestion Control Mechanism for InfiniBand Qian Liu and Robert Russell
  • 45 Assessing Big Data SQL Frameworks for Analyzing Event Logs Markku Hinkka, Teemu Lehto and Keijo Heljanko
  • 46 A Time Synchronization Protocol for Modular Robots André Naz, Benoît Piranda, Seth Copen Goldstein and Julien Bourgeois
  • 57 Exploring parallel implementations of the Bayesian Probabilistic Matrix Factorization Imen Chakroun, Tom Haber, Tom Vander Aa and Thomas Kovac
  • 80 Massively Concurrent Red-Black Trees with Hardware Transactional Memory Dimitrios Siakavaras, Konstantinos Nikas, Georgios Goumas and Nectarios Koziris
  • 90 Bag-of-Task load balancing on Power-aware Clusters George Terzopoulos and Helen Karatza
  • 102 A Simple Activation/Deactivation Prefetching Scheme for Chip Multiprocessors Vicent Selfa, Crispin Gomez Requena, Maria Gomez and Julio Sahuquillo
  • 105 Communication in Shared Memory: Concepts, Definitions, and Efficient Detection Matthias Diener, Eduardo Cruz, Marco Antonio Zanata Alves and Philippe Navaux
  • 106 A Hardware Approach to Detect, Expose and Tolerate High Level Data Races Lois Orosa Nogueira and Joao Lourenco
  • 110 Randomizing Packet Memory Networks for Low-latency Processor-memory Communication Daichi Fujiki, Hiroki Matsutani, Michihiro Koibuchi and Hideharu Amano
  • 121 Simulating Search Protocols in Large-Scale Dynamic Networks Spiridoula V. Margariti and Vassilios V. Dimakopoulos
  • 123 Exploring Energy Reduction in n10 Future Nodes via Voltage Scaling Gulay Yalcin, Santhosh Kumar Rethinagiri, Oscar Palomar, Osman Unsal, Adrian Cristal and Dragomir Milojevic
  • 137 Improving Performance of Transactional Applications through Adaptive Transactional Memory Thireshan Jeyakumaran, Ehsan Atoofian, Yang Xiao, Zhen Li and Ali Jannesari
  • 144 Predicting performance and power consumption of parallel applications Daniele De Sensi
  • 145 Stochastic Thermal Control of a Multicore Real-Time System Morteza Mohaqeqi, Mehdi Kargahi and Kazim Fouladi
  • 160 An Accurate Analytical Design Model for Multithreaded Network Processors Mohamad Hafezan and Leila Beigi
  • 161 Cloud-based NoSQL Data Migration Aryan Bansel, Horacio González-Vélez and Adriana E. Chis
  • 163 A Hybrid load-balancing solution for S4 stream processing systems Pablo Gonzalez, Carolina Bonacic and Mauricio Marin
  • 164 A Cluster-based Method to Detect and Correct Anomlies in Sensor Data of Embedded Systems Roghayeh Mojarad, Hossain Kordestani and Hamidreza Zarandi
  • 171 PICA: Multi-Population Implementation of Parallel Imperialist Competitive Algorithms Amin Majd, Shahriar Lotfi, Golnaz Sahebi, Masoud Daneshtalab and Juha Plosila
  • 193 Exact vs approximated diameter calculation in large graphs Francisco Sanches Banhos Filho and Eduardo Javier Huerta Yero
  • 201 Conch: A Cyclic MapReduce Model for Iterative Applications Ran Zheng, Genmao Yu, Hai Jin, Xuanhua Shi and Qin Zhang
  • 204 The UA↔CG Workflow: High Performance Molecular Dynamics of Coarse-Grained Polymers David Ozog, Allen Malony and Marina Guenza
  • 206 A k-way Greedy Graph Partitioning with Initial Fixed Vertices for Parallel Applications Maria Predari and Aurelien Esnard
  • 208 RPL: A Domain-Specific Language for Designing and Implementing Parallel C++ Applications Vladimir Janjic, Christopher Brown, Kevin Hammond, Kenneth Mackenzie, Marco Aldinucci, Marco Danelutto and Jose Daniel Garcia Sanchez

  • Short Papers
  • 4 Exploiting Very-Wide Vectors on Intel Xeon Phi with Lattice-QCD kernels Andreas Diavastos, Giannos Stylianou and Giannis Koutsou
  • 6 Suitability of the random topology for HPC applications Fabien Chaix, Michihiro Koibuchi and Ikki Fujiwara
  • 22 Impact of Memory-Level Parallelism on the performance of GPU coherence protocols Francisco Candel, Salvador Petit, Julio Sahuquillo and Jose Duato
  • 27 Distributed Communication System for Emergencies Iván Santos-González, Pino Caballero-Gil, Alexandra Rivero-García and Candelaria Hernández Goya
  • 30 VANET event verification based on user trust Alexandra Rivero-García, Iván Santos-González, Pino Caballero-Gil and Cándido Caballero-Gil
  • 56 A GENERAL PURPOSE BRANCH AND BOUND PARALLEL ALGORITHM Alexandros Dimopoulos, Christos Pavlatos and George Papakonstantinou
  • 62 Neighbor Detection Based on Multiple Virtual Mobile Nodes Behnaz Bostanipour and Benoit Garbinato
  • 64 Efficiency Experiments on Hadoop and Giraph with PageRank Arne Koschel, Felix Heine, Irina Astrova, Fred Korte, Thomas Rossow and Sebastian Stipkovic
  • 75 Specific Read-only Data Management for Memoy System Optimization Gregory Vaumourin, Alexandre Guerre, Thomas Dombek and Denis Barthou
  • 78 SOF: Zero Configuration Simulation Optimization Framework on the Cloud Michele Carillo, Gennaro Cordasco, Vittorio Scarano, Flavio Serrapica, Carmine Spagnuolo and Przemyslaw Szufel
  • 82 Detecting Events in Streaming Multimedia with Big Data Techniques José Herrera and Germán Moltó
  • 91 A Cluster-As-Accelerator approach for SPMD-free Data Parallelism Maurizio Drocco, Claudia Misale and Marco Aldinucci
  • 95 Introducing Parallelism by using REPARA C++11 Attributes Marco Danelutto, Jose Daniel Garcia, Luis Miguel Sanchez, Rafael Sotomayor and Massimo Torquati
  • 97 A Study of the Dynamic Characteristics of Software Implementation as an Essential Part for a Universal Description of Algorithm Properties Alexander Antonov, Vadim Voevodin, Vladimir Voevodin and Aleksey Teplov
  • 104 Implementing the Open Community Runtime for Shared-Memory and Distributed-Memory Systems Jiri Dokulil, Martin Sandrieser and Siegfried Benkner
  • 109 X-ray Computed Tomography Applied to Objects of Cultural Heritage: Porting and Testing the Filtered Back-Projection Reconstruction Algorithm on Low Power Systems-On-Chip Elena Corni, Lucia Morganti, Maria Pia Morigi, Rossella Brancaccio, Eva Peccenini, Matteo Bettuzzi, Daniele Cesini, Giuseppe Levi and Andrea Ferraro
  • 116 A Flexible Profiling Sub-system for reconfigurable logic architectures Giacomo Valente, Marco Faccio, Fabio Federici, Luigi Pomante, Vittoriano Muttillo, Serenella Ferri and Andrea Moro
  • 122 Lessons learned from spatial and temporal correlation of node failures in high performance computers Siavash Ghiasvand, Florina M. Ciorba, Ronny Tschüter and Wolfgang E. Nagel
  • 124 Analyzing and Improving Memory Access Patterns of Large Irregular Applications on NUMA Machines Artur Mariano, Matthias Diener, Christian Bischof and Philippe Navaux
  • 138 Exploring Cache Size and Core Count Tradeoffs in Systems with Reduced Memory Access Latency Paulo Cesar Santos, Marco Antonio Zanata Alves, Matthias Diener, Luigi Carro and Philippe Navaux
  • 139 Dimension Reduction Methods for Collaborative Mobile Gossip Learning Árpád Berta, István Hegedűs and Mark Jelasity
  • 146 Efficient Execution of SkePU Skeleton Programs on the Low-power Multicore Processor Myriad2 Sebastian Thorarensen, Rosandra Cuello, Christoph Kessler, Lu Li and Brendan Barry
  • 148 S4 applications simulator for performance evaluation Rafael Soto, Carolina Bonacic and Mauricio Marin
  • 159 Service-Guaranteed Multi-Port Packet Memory for Parallel Protocol Processing Architecture Mohammad Badawi, Zhonghai Lu and Ahmed Hemani
  • 176 Energy-Aware Programming Model for Distributed Infrastructures Francesc-Josep Lordan Gomis, Jorge Ejarque, Raül Sirvent and Rosa M. Badia
  • 188 Analyzing Data-Memory Error Propagation Effects in High-Performance Computing Gladys Utrera, Marisa Gil and Xavier Martorell
  • 205 Thread Progress Aware Block Migration for Dynamic NUCA Jianhua Li, Xin An, Yiming Ouyang and Wei Wang
  • 207 Clustering Effects on the Design of Opto-Electrical Network-on-Chip Meisam Abdollahi, Alireza Namazi and Siamak Mohammadi

  • Track: GPU
  • 60 Evaluation of Splitting-Up Conjugate Gradient Method on GPUs Akiyoshi Wakatani Regular
  • 79 Optimal Time and Energy Efficient Work Distributions in Heterogeneous Systems Valon Raca, Eduard Mehofer and Marcus Hudec Regular
  • 81 A quantitative performance evaluation of fast on-chip memories of GPUs Elias Konstantinidis and Yiannis Cotronis Regular
  • 147 Microbenchmarks for GPU characteristics: the occupancy roofline and the pipeline model. Jan Lemeire, Jan G. Cornelis and Laurent Segers Regular
  • 198 An OpenACC Optimizer for Accelerating Histogram Computation on a GPU Kei Ikeda, Fumihiko Ino and Kenichi Hagihara Regular
  • 211 Acceleration of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics on the Navier-Stokes Equations Yingrui Wang, Leisheng Li, Jingtao Wang and Rong Tian Regular
  • 38–Accelerated Texture Analysis Using Steerable Riesz Wavelets Anamaria Vizitiu, Lucian Mihai Itu, Ranveer Joyseeree, Adrien Depeursinge, Henning Müller and Constantin Suciu short
  • 182 Accelerating Dynamic Fault Tree Analysis Based on Stochastic Logic Utilizing GPGPUs Elham Cheshmikhani and Hamid R. Zarandi short

  • Track: 4PAD
  • 14 Program Transformation to Identify Parallel Skeletons Venkatesh Kannan and Geoff Hamilton Regular
  • 61 VerCors: a Layered Approach to Practical Verification of Concurrent Software Afshin Amighi, Stefan Blom and Marieke Huisman Regular
  • 141 Towards a General Framework for Ensuring and Reusing Proofs of Termination Detection in Distributed Computing Maha Boussabbeh, Mohamed Tounsi, Ahmed Hadj Kacem and Mohamed Mosbah Regular
  • 173 Choreography-Based Analysis of Distributed Message Passing Programs Ramsay Taylor, Emilio Tuosto, Neil Walkinshaw and John Derrick Regular
  • 196 4PAD Reasoning about Fences and Relaxed Atomics Mengda He, Viktor Vafeiadis, Shengchao Qin and Joao F. Ferreira Regular

  • Track: Bioinformatics
  • 53 A Machine Learning Approach for the Integration of miRNA-target Predictions Stefano Beretta, Mauro Castelli, Yuliana Martìnez, Ivan Merelli, Luis Munoz, Sara Silva and Leonardo Trujillo Regular
  • 54 MicroRNA-target interaction: a parallel approach for computing pairing energy Elisabetta Ronchieri, Daniele D'Agostino, Luciano Milanesi and Ivan Merelli Regular
  • 113 Evaluating Systems on Chip through HPC bioinformatic and astrophysic applications Lucia Morganti, Daniele Cesini and Andrea Ferraro short

  • Track: SPDNS
  • 2 Enhancing the scalability and memory usage of HashSieve on multi-core CPUs Artur Mariano and Christian Bischof Regular
  • 13 Dynamical calculation of security metrics for countermeasure selection in computer networks Igor Kotenko and Elena Doynikova Regular
  • 41 Distributed Differentially Private Stochastic Gradient Descent: An Empirical Study István Hegedűs and Mark Jelasity Regular
  • 63 An Extension of Haruspex to Cover Vulnerabilities in Application Environments Fabrizio Baiardi, Federico Tonelli and Lorenzo Isoni Regular
  • 117 Parallel Improved Schnorr-Euchner Enumeration SE++ for the CVP and SVP Fábio Correia, Artur Mariano, Alberto Proenca, Christian Bischof and Erik Agrell Regular
  • 210 Application of a technique for secure embedded device design based on combining security components for creation of a perimeter protection system Vasily Desnitsky, Andrey Chechulin, Igor Kotenko, Dmitry Levshun and Maxim Kolomeec Regular
  • 5 Formal Analysis and Model Checking of a Group Authentication Protocol by Scyther Huihui Yang, Andreaz Prinz and Vladimir Oleshchuk short
  • 69 Validating a Suite for a Model Based Simulation of Attack Chains Fabrizio Baiardi, Federico Tonelli and A.D. Ruggiero Di Biase short
  • 72 Insights into Encrypted Network Connections: Analyzing Remote Desktop Protocol Traffic Martin Ussath, Feng Cheng and Christoph Meinel short
  • 96 Efficient Attribute Management in a Federated Identity Management Infrastructure Diana Berbecaru short
  • 180 Towards a Usage Control based Video Surveillance Framework Enrico Carniani, Gianpiero Costantino, Francesco Marino, Fabio Martinelli and Paolo Mori short

  • Track: Energy-Management
  • 83 Improving the energy efficiency of MPI applications by means of malleability Manuel Rodriguez-Gonzalo, David E. Singh, Javier Garcia Blas and Jesus Carretero Regular
  • 119 Exploration of Mesh-based FPGA Architecture: Comparison of 2D and 3D Technologies in terms of Power, Area and Performance Sonda Chtourou, Zied Marrakchi, Emna Amouri, Vinod Pangracious, Mohamed Abid and Habib Mehrez Regular
  • 126 On Exploiting Energy-Aware Scheduling Algorithms for MDE-based Design Space Exploration of MP2SoC Manel Ammar, Mouna Baklouti, Maxime Pelcat, Karol Desnos and Mohamed Abid Regular
  • 167 How much does a VM cost? Energy-proportional Accounting in VM-based Environments Mascha Kurpicz, Anne-Cecile Orgerie and Anita Sobe Regular
  • 50 Energy Aware Scheduling of HPC Tasks in Decentralised Cloud Systems with Deadline Violation Predictor Aeshah Alsughayyir and Thomas Erlebach short
  • 59 Energy Efficient Scheduling of Real Time Signal Processing Applications Through Combined DVFS and DPM Erwan Nogues, Maxime Pelcat, Daniel Menard and Alexandre Mercat short

  • Track: CCISA
  • 120 A Cost Model for Virtual Machine Storage in Cloud IaaS Context Hamza Ouarnoughi, Jalil Boukhobza, Frank Singhoff and Stéphane Rubini Regular
  • 125 Private IaaS Clouds: A Comparative Analysis of OpenNebula, CloudStack and OpenStack Adriano Vogel, Dalvan Griebler, Carlos A. F. Maron, Claudio Schepke and Luiz Fernandes Regular
  • 115 Towards Weather Forecasting in the Cloud Emmanuell Diaz Carreño, Eduardo Roloff and Philippe Navaux short

  • Track: HPCMS
  • 47 Multi-Agent System with Multiple Group Modelling for Bird Flocking on GPU Rahmat Hidayat, Davide Spataro, Elisa De Giorgio, William Spataro and Donato D'Ambrosio Regular
  • 114 Parallel execution of space-aware applications in a Cloud environment Franco Cicirelli, Agostino Forestiero, Andrea Giordano, Carlo Mastroianni and Giandomenico Spezzano Regular
  • 153 Computing Multiple Accumulated Cost Surfaces with Graphics Processing Units Giuseppe A. Trunfio and Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis Regular
  • 155 Parallel Implementation of a Cellular Automata-based Model for Assisted Evacuation of Elderly People Konstantina Konstantara, Nikolaos Dourvas, Ioakeim Georgoudas and Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis Regular
  • 179 Using nested graphs to distribute Parallel and Distributed Multi-Agent Systems Alban Rousset, Laurent Philippe, Christophe Lang, Bénédicte Herrmann and Hadrien Bride Regular
  • 197 Transactional Memory Scheduling Using Machine Learning Techniques Basem Assiri and Costas Busch Regular

  • Track: OCPNBS
  • 73 Evaluation of the Memory Communication Traffic in a Hierarchical Cache Model for Massively-Manycore Processors Sharifa Al Khanjari and Wim Vanderbauwhede Regular
  • 74 MWPF: A Deadlock Avoidance Fully Adaptive Routing Algorithm in Networks-On-Chip Kamran Nasiri and Hamid R. Zarandi Regular
  • 108 Efficient Congestion-Aware Scheme for Wireless On-Chip Networks Amin Rezaei, Masoud Daneshtalab, Maurizio Palesi and Danella Zhao Regular
  • 209 Globally Asynchronous Locally Synchronous Simulation of NoCs on Many-Core Architectures Marcus Eggenberger, Manuel Strobel and Martin Radetzki Regular
  • 214 A Three-Dimensional Networks-on-Chip Architecture with Dynamic Buffer Sharing Mehdi Modarressi, S. Hossein Seyedaghaei Rezaei, Masoud Daneshtalab and Shervin Roshanisefat Regular
  • 111 A Hardware Scheduler for Multicore Block Cipher Processor Sang Muk Lee, Eun Nu Ri Ko and Seung Eun Lee short
  • 135 A Method to Improve Adaptivity of Odd-even Routing Algorithm in Mesh NoCs Mohammad Sadrosadati, Ramin Bashizade, Shahin Roozkhosh, Ali Shafiee and Hamid Sarbazi-Azad short
  • 151 SCAC-Net: Reconfigurable Interconnection Network in Synchronous Communication Asynchronous Computation Massively parallel SoC Hana Krichene, Mouna Baklouti, Mohamed Abid, Philippe Marquet, Jean-Luc Dekeyser and Samy Meftali short

  • Track: MC3
  • 77 Avionics Applications on a Time-predictable Chip-Multiprocessor Andre Rocha, Claudio Silva, Rasmus Bo Sørensen, Jens Sparsoe and Martin Schoeberl Regular
  • 86 Gate Merging: An NBTI Mitigation Method to Eliminate Critical Internal Nodes in Digital Circuits Maryam Ghane and Hamid R. Zarandi Regular
  • 100 Improving latency in a signal processing system on the Epiphany architecture Peter Brauer, Martin Lundqvist and Aare Mällo Regular
  • 190 Using an Intermediate Representation to map heterogeneous workloads on parallel systems Nicolas Benoit and Stephane Louise Regular
  • 87 An Efficient Soft Error Detection in Multicore Processors Running Server Applications Alireza Tajary and Hamid R. Zarandi short
  • 154 Novel Heuristic Mapping Algorithms for Design Space Exploration of Multiprocessor Embedded Architectures Sima Sinaei and Omid Fatemi short
  • 162 Towards Architectural Design Space Exploration for Heterogeneous Manycores Benard Xypolitidis, Rudin Shabani, Satej Khandeparkar, Zain Ul-Abdin, Suleyman Savas and Tomas Nordström short
  • 202 ALMOS many-core operating system extension with new secure-aware mechanisms for dynamic creation of secure zones Maria Méndez Real, Vincent Migliore, Vianney Lapotre and Guy Gogniat short